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It's Christmas!! {and why it's amazing}

Merry Christmas my friends!!

    The best day of the year is finally here, and I'm happy. I'm on our couch in fluffy socks, there's a mini blizzard going on outside, and I have a new bookshelf I get to put up in my room. *which is much needed because there are books stacked in my closet and on my desk and I need more bookshelves*

    This is just a very short little post; more like popping in to say hi, rather than actually writing something.....
    So Merry Christmas from my couch to yours, and I hope your day has been lovely so far; filled with family and food and (if you live in a Northern area) snow, and christmas lights and tea and cocoa, and most importantly; hope.

    Because honestly, hope is what Christmas is about; a light in the darkness, a source of relief from pain, healing for sorrows, and a promise of a better future. Christ came for you; so that you would know your value to Him, and feel your worth, and experience His love. Bask in that today. Bask in…

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