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The Magician's Nephew: Highlights

The Magician's Nephew: Highlights. Because this book is seriously underrated. Honestly it's so goooodddd. *squeals*

1. Polly Plumber and her sass 

    I love Polly. I love Polly's sass. She is so unapologetically sassy and witty and clever and I seriously love it so much. End of story.

2. The little Sherlock Holmes reference thrown in

    Ok so you know how at the beginning of the book it goes: "In those days Mr. Sherlock Holmes was still living in Baker Street.." I don't really know why but every time I read it, it makes me smile. Every. Single. Time. Mainly because I love Sherlock Holmes. I love how Lewis just like 'what do you mean Sherlock Holmes isn't real? Everybody knows when Sherlock Holmes lived in Baker Street! Of course that's a perfectly reasonable way to remember a certain era!' Again. It makes me smile.

3. Charn 

    There's something about Charn. Every time I read the Chapter about Charn I just wish there was more. Like more …

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